Top 6 tips given to my clients with waves, curls, coils and tight curls in 2020

Let’s say goodbye to 2020. It was the weirdest year in my view for humanity. However, I’ve learned so many things about waves, curls, tight curls of my clients.

Here is a summary of my most valuable tips I gave in 2020. I hope it will help you :).

1 – When you talk bad about your curls you are talking bad about yourself…

It is sometimes hard to accept your curls pattern, try to acknowledge it then start a new relationship with them. Learn to own, care and love your hair just like any of the stuff you are responsible for. You’ll see the difference

2 – What work for a curly hair influencer may not work for you

It can inspire you, make you discover new brands,… but if it doesn’t work on you it doesn’t mean that you are doomed. It just means that your hair are different and need different care. So…(See next slide for more)

3 – Observe your curls when you try a new routine and adapt it to your needs 

We have different hair, lifestyle, climat, products availabilities, skin condition, etc. So it’s normal that some of the steps can be different.

4 – Some shampoo bars are too harsh for your hair

Especially if you do not follow it with a conditioning product afterwards…

5 – Oil is not a curl defining product nor a deep conditioning treatment

With time it can prevent you from getting definition especially if you are a wash and go person. Your hair needs water in order to curl properly. Using oil will prevent your curls to absorb products and water and will lead to frizz in the long term.

If you are an oil-addict and are not happy with your curl definition, try to stop them for 30 days and see what happened.

6 – Do not feel bad if you do not follow the “rules”

If you straighten your hair, color them, braids them,…  just make sure you do it properly or with the right professional and adjust your hair care accordingly to help them stay beautiful.

Having curly hair can be for some of us a challenging so do not be hard on yourself if you want to change it from time to time.

What is the most valuable tips you receive about your curls in 2020?

See you soon

Rosine, curl specialist


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