Back to natural in 2023.

Back to natural in 2023.


Textured hair is trending in 2023.

During the Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2023, curly, wavy, frizzy and kinky hair styles really stood out.

Indeed, leading brands and fashion magazines agree that in 2023, hair trends will take a “maximalist” approach.

The world is looking for more volume, more length, more curls, more waves and more color transformations…

This makes us so happy and we absolutely love it! 

Need some inspiration ? 

Discover our 9 favorite spring/summer 2023 hair trends.

1. Side parting.


It looks like the hair part will be worn on the side in 2023.

Omnipresent during Spring-Summer Fashion Week, the hair part is taking a step aside to soften facial features, erase asymmetries and give a boost to hairstyles that are too tame.
Stop playing it safe, it’s time to liven things up!

At COHEA, the side parting is worn with volume at the roots and defined curls, slightly tousled. 

What’s great about it is that it adapts to all hair types, all face shapes and all lengths.

The key trick for an amazing look? Start the parting right at the top of the eyebrow.

2.BOB cut.

Whether it’s cut at the shoulders, jawline, or in between, a BOB can instantly spice up any look.

Classic, bold and timeless, it works with all hair textures and facial shapes.

Looking for something even more modern? Dare to add a bang!

3.Bold colors.

In 2023, time to let the extravert out! 

Whether you choose an all-over bright color, an artistic pattern, or colorful highlights, here are the colors to go for : 

Copper Auburn: A very warm red, somewhere between black and red.

Blorange: An orange blond so light that it tends towards peach and pink.

Chocolate cherry: A deep brown with shades of burgundy, purple and black highlights.

Flaming red: An intense red that will appeal to the most daring.

50 shades of “blond”: Champagne blond, golden blond, “Oyster Gray” blond (a derivative of platinum blond with slightly purplish highlights on a grey/white base), Bronde (between blond and brown), Caramel blond, Polar blond, Strawberry blond… A color that suits all tastes.

Carbon black: A dark shade, a “crow bird” black to enhance your personality.

“Caramel” in all its forms: As a base color or as highlights, “caramel” can be matched with all hair colors. Caramel blonde, caramel red, caramel chocolate… Halfway between honey blonde and chocolate, this yummy color with warm highlights is definitely a must-have for this spring/summer season.

4.High updos, buns and ponytails.

In 2023, hairstyles are taking to new heights Buns and ponytails are worn high above the head, with a few loose strands framing the face for a soft and elegant result. We absolutely love it !

5. Volume (for short and long hair).

Regardless of your hair length, the hair trends for 2023 are all about volume.

For a cool and glamorous look, nothing beats “healthy”, “thick”, “voluminous” and “bouncy” hair.

6. Big texture.




In 2023, hair trends are calling for a shift back to natural hair.


This year, big curls, big waves and not too stylized natural textures are in the spotlight.


But beware, even “natural” looks require hard work! Even more so for textured hair. Therefore, you should choose trends that suit your face shape and hair type, and make sure you use quality products that match your hair profile.

7.Vintage looks.

In 2023, we like wash-and-go hair dos, easy to style or wear off.

Retro lengths, mullet cuts and other crazy ’70s hair experiments will meet this need for convenience and be a hit.

8. Full Frizz.



Instead of fighting an endless battle against your natural texture (and the hazards of summer weather), it’s time to let your texture shine through.


In 2023, we want to see curls and waves that embrace their frizz.


COHEA’s got you covered!

9."Healthy is the new pretty".

Finally it seems like hair health is the biggest trend this year.

And we feel it’s the most important.

Whether you have straight,curly,wavy or textured hair forget bleach and straightner. 

Give your hair a second life thanks to natural, high quality products and treatments catered to your capillary profile.


In other words, ladies it’s’ time to stop hiding and dare to show off your true stylish self.


Remember COHEA is here to help you rock your curls! 

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