4 easy actions to curb the dryness of your curls

Curly hair tends to be dryer because the sebum (this natural oily substance that forms a protective film) is unable to slide along the hair as it is stopped by the bends and curls.

It’s more difficult to maintain its natural hydratation and it tends to be more brittle.

So here’s a couple of tricks to avoid losing all of this precious moisture. These tips aren’t revolutionary but combined with a good hair care routine can make a world of difference.

Drink water

Hydration starts from the inside is the best way to limit dry hair.

Use a 100% cotton t-shirt to dry your hair

Towels tend to absorb most of the moisture leaving your hair high and dry. You can either use a microfiber towel or a 100% cotton t-shirt.

Avoid sulphates and silicones based products

Sulphates are tensioactives, they are foaming and washing agents that you often find in shampoos, shower gels and even washing up liquids.

The problem is that they  dry out your curls and your scalp. They are often found in the form of Sodium Lauryl or Laureth sulfates.

Silicones on the other hand give an enjoyable texture and an instantaneous sleekness to your curls. But beware, long term use tends to weighing down your hair and prevent  it from absorbing or correctly maintaining moisture. Furthermore, silicone is a plastic derivative that pollutes our environment…

They usually have names that end in –one or –oxane.

Privilege soft or natural shampoos (such as rhassoul, African black soap,…)

Don’t touch them too much

It’s sometimes hard to resist and we are often tempted to touch them but sadly to much manipulation will lead you straight to “frizzville” and will tend to make your hair brittle. So just show a little self-control and leave them alone as much as possible.


What are your pro-tips to avoid dry hair?


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