Why are your curls dry?

“My hair is dry” is THE sentence I almost always hear when we first meet.

In just a few minutes during the conversation that precedes your COHEA service, I can immediately identify where the problem lies.

Today, I share the most frequent reasons for dryness in your curls that I have been able to identify during my many appointments.

1. You have curly hair

Whether on any length or by zone, curls* are dry by nature. Our mission, if we accept it, is to help them stay hydrated and survive in this world. Fortunately, we have some great allies to help us do so: moisturizing agents and water.

2. Your hair products are not adapted

This is one of the most common reasons why your curls are always dry. Some of the products you have in your bathroom may be composed of ingredients that dry out your beautiful hair over the long term OR formulated with low quality ingredients.
Learning to understand the labels of some of your products and asking for advice on the quality of the ingredients you use will certainly help you improve the condition of your curls…

3. You’re addicted to oils and butters

I sometimes surprise you when I say this (and rightly so, I used to be like you before) but using this kind of products can do more harm than good to your hair (especially on afro hair…). They don’t moisturize it.

I’m not telling you to take my word for it, test it for 4 to 6 weeks and if it speaks to you free to continue.

4. The way you dry your hair

Squeezing your curls with a towel can make your hair drier. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt, a swim towel,… In short, surfaces that won’t create too much friction on your curls…

5. You sleep without protecting them

Protect your hair at night with a suitable cap, a silk or satin pillowcase, or a strategic bun… Pamper your hair at night too, it will thank you…

So have you identified the gestures that make YOUR hair drier?

See you soon.

Rosine, curl specialist

*At COHEA curls include waves, curls, kinks, coil, etc.


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