How to make peace with your hair ?

Going natural is a difficult decision for some and your mind plays an important part in the process.

Here are 4 tips that helped me to love and embrace my natural hair.

1. Get to know your hair

Start by knowing your hair type in order to use the right care and products. The Internet is of course the first place we think of but don’t hesitate to explore other sources such as reading books on the subject or simply asking specialized hairdresser’s advice.

2. Find some inspiration

It’s so encouraging to see other people who’ve been through this « unknown » journey. A lot of celebrities such as Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae or Alicia Keys proudly exhibit their natural hair on social media but so do a lot of ordinary women ! The hashtag : #Nappyhairstyle is very popular and has helped me to discover different hairstyles.

3. Try, try, try

After long hours of research, it’s time to practice. As previously said, social media is a real gold mine. You will find uncountable hairstyle tutorials on Instagram and YouTube. The main thing is to follow the steps and to experiment until you find your signature hairstyle that suits you.

4. Dare the unthinkable!

Do you want to dive head first in a swimming pool? Do it! The most important thing to remember is to let your hair free in its movements. By letting it out and to behave like it wants, you’ll learn to understand your hair better. There is no need to get stressed and to worry about how to manage it afterward because going natural is a form of freedom.


Who is Aline ?

I’m a Communications student and “Natural” since a little more than two years, I like to share tips and tricks collected during my travels. I’m a Japanese culture lover so needless to say that I like to apply the teachings of the land of the rising sun on textured hair in order to create new ideas and inspirations.




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