The story of my natural hair journey…

14 years ago I would never have dared to post a picture of me with short hair and a several-days-old wash and go – but here I am!

Back in 2006 I made the decision to stop straightening my hair. It was after I met two women who told me I could take care of my hair without relaxing it. They gave me advice and a link to a forum: “Boucles et Cotons”.

There I discovered a community that took care of their hair without straightening and supported each other in their self-acceptance journey.

That same week, I decided to cut my hair off – much to the great misunderstanding of my family and friends. I wanted to start from scratch. I cried a lot and wondered what I had just done.

It wasn’t until years later that I dared to wear it naturally most of the time.
This period transformed my life. It hasn’t been an easy path because as far as I could remember my hair had always been a problem. It had to be hidden, shaved or straightened at all costs. So changing that program in my head was complicated.

As a result, I discovered the importance of being supported by a community in this process and also learned to be kind to myself.

Today I feel freer and I have the choice to wear my hair as I wish without worrying about the look of others just according to what I want and that’s what I wish to each person I meet in my chair.

What’s a style you’ve always wanted to try and what’s stopping you?

Rosine, Curl Specialist & COHEA founder


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