Instructions to follow…

COHEA [k.o.é.a] offers you a customized service for your curls. In order to give you the best results ever, here are some instructions to follow before our appointment.

By making an appointment with us, you agree to follow by the conditions described below. In case of non-compliance with the obligations mentioned I reserve the right to cancel your service.

The days before: 

  • Make an inventory of the products that you use for the moment (only for CURL CEREMONY service)
  • Stop using raw oils and butters (even as a treatment) as soon as you booked your appointment.
  • Wash your hair at least 7 days before our appointment (it can be the day before).
  • Look for a picture of your best hair day to show it to me on your appointment.

On the appointment day:

  • Your hair must be in their natural state with less styling products than usual and with NO raw oils or butters.
  • Do not wear your hair in a bun, twists or braids (it will elongate your curls).
  • Do not have your curls wet.
  • Have your hair without too much knots.
  • Be ready to discover your curls especially if you are not use to see them.
  • Pay your service through the mobile application of your bank OR the correct amount in cash in an envelope (please keep in mind, I won’t have any change).

Do you have more questions ?

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