A mobile hairdressing service dedicated to curls in Belgium

We cut, style and take care with love of curly hair in the intimacy of your own home in Brussels and its direct periphery.

We host participative workshops (at your place or at our partners shops) for adults and for parents order to help them to understand and how to care for their children’s curly hair.

COHEA means…

COHEA pronounced [k.o.é.a] stands for Conscious Health & Appearance.
We are a curly hair specialist service based in Brussels, Belgium.

Our missions

We celebrate and take loving care of curly hair.
We aim to teach you to love and understand your hair.
We promote the use of natural and healthy hair products.

Natural and organic products

We exclusively use natural and organic products without sulphates or parabens and silicones. Only the best for your health.
On an average curly haired women use more hair products. They are therefore more exposed to certain problematic ingredients actually on the market.
The use products of  highest quality guarantee a beautiful head of hair whilst respecting them.