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Instructions to follow for COHEA services:

To give you the best results ever, here are some instructions to follow before our appointment. Do the best that you can :).

The days before: 

  • Make an inventory of the products that you use for the moment and prepare your questions (if you have some).
  • Stop using for at least 15 days oils and butters.
  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo or a conditionner at least 7 days before our appointment.

On the appointment day:

  • Your hair must be in their natural state without heavy products, oils or butters.
  • Do not wear your hair in a bun, twists or braids (it will elongate your curls)
  • Do not have your curls wet.
  • Have detangled hair.
  • Be ready to discover your curls.

For “Dust My Curls” service, a cut without shampoo (only for existing customers):

  • Have your curls dry, clean and defined for the day of the appointment.

Thank you so much and see you soon 🙂

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